Universiteit Twente opens own incubator: Incubase

Incubase helps staudent-startups from day one.

Universiteit Twente opens own incubator: Incubase

On the 1st of November, Incubase, the startup incubator of the University of Twente, will open. The most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands is taking the next step in stimulating entrepreneurship among students and achieving successful innovative business. Today on the Entrepreneurial Day, the final of the UT Challenge, the name was announced by the three initiators: the University of Twente, the Student Union and Novel-T.

Incubase will be built on the first floor in the Bastille, in the heart of the university campus. Students can find an offer in all phases of entrepreneurship: from inspiration sessions to bootcamps, from validation to startup. At Incubase, students can use different forms of memberships and flexible work and meeting spaces.

The Student Union, part of the University of Twente, took the initiative for the incubator. “In addition to stimulating more successful startups, we want to make students in a broader sense more in touch with entrepreneurship. Novel-T plays a central role in Incubase as a driver of innovative businesses in Twente. For example, Novel-T offers the START program for University of Twente students and they supervise the students from validation to startup with their professionals.

Hard work will be carried out until November 2019 on the implementation of Incubase.

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