Startup Flawless Workflow helps companies to streamline workflows from Incubase

Startup Flawless Workflow helps companies to streamline workflows from Incubase

Co-founder and COO Alex Habtezghi: “If there is frustration with data, administration, or repetitive work, we want people to think about Flawless Workflow as a solution.”

Four years ago, Geanny Santos and Alexander (Alex) Habtezghi did their bachelor’s in civil engineering when Geanny had the idea to start ‘Flawless Workflow,’ a company that automates workflows. She asked Alex to join, and together they became the starting point of Flawless Workflow. Last February, the company became official. Now they are working with their team from Incubase. What can Flawless Workflow offer, and what is the vision of the company? 


“The idea for Flawless Workflow started during our initial experience in the field, we were excited to start working on innovative projects, but in reality, we had to do a lot of repetitive and administrative tasks,” explains Geanny, the co-founder and CEO of Flawless Workflow. She adds, “It was frustrating, and I was thinking to myself, we are not robots.” Geanny and Alex started to automate the little tasks and noticed that companies were thrilled. In this way, interns, engineers, and IT professionals could focus on projects requiring their attention. When Geanny and Alex came back from their fieldwork, a teacher asked them to teach other students how to code. “From that point, I thought: there is a huge potential in optimizing tasks, and that is when we started Flawless Workflow,” explains Geanny. “Soon we received more clients and also Novel-T supported us to continue with our business,” tells Alex, the co-founder and COO of the startup.


Both Geanny and Alex noticed that many professionals are not doing what they were trained to do. “Lawyers, for example, are caught up in administrative tasks. But computers can help them save a lot of time if you program them correctly,” explains Alex. Geanny adds: “We develop tools to streamline the workflow and customize it with programming in a tailored way. In the end, it is all about saving you time.” Both Alex and Geanny emphasize that the idea of Flawless Workflow has refined compared to the start, but the core has not changed. “We did the START program for another idea, but the support that we received gave us frameworks to organize Flawless Workflow,” tells Alex.


“Both Alex and I have a strong background in programming and coding, which is the core of our service,” tells Geanny. She grew up in Portugal but moved to The Netherlands for her study. “Nowadays, we divide our time between our master’s construction management and engineering and Flawless Workflow,” tells Geanny.“In a way, the current corona situation helped us, because digitizing and optimizing became more urgent for companies. Since the outbreak became so busy that we needed extra staff,” explains Alex. He grew up in the UK and also came for his studies in The Netherlands. In August, both Tom Behage (student construction management and engineering) and Roel Metsch (applied physics student) joined the company as managing consultants. “Our main goal is to broaden the network and connect with new clients, together with our programmers, we have a solid team now,” tells Thom. Since the beginning of this year, the team works in Incubase. “Incubase is a nice environment with like-minded people,” tells Roel.


“If there is frustration with data, administration, or repetitive work, we want people to think about Flawless Workflow as a solution. That is the main goal,” tells Alex. In the future, the company wants to go global. “At the moment, we focus on The Netherlands, because if we can make it here, we can make it anywhere,” tells Geanny with a smile.

Since Flawless Workflow consists of young entrepreneurs they have advice for other (student) startups. “It sounds cliché, but you have to be determined and believe in yourself. You can’t be afraid to fail. Find people you can talk to, for example, at Novel-T,” tells Geanny. Alex adds: “A good friend told us good things happen when you are active, and we live by this motto. Just start, do it. And remember, if you fail, you can still learn from it.”


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