Startup Talk with Tilo Hergarten - Startup Manager at DHL

Startup Talk with Tilo Hergarten – Startup Manager at DHL
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Online - Livestream from Incubase
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Tilo is a passionate entrepreneur and manager for international corporate innovation. He has a focus on business development, lean management, and implementation of new business ideas. At DHL he coaches and selects international teams via de DHL Start-Up Lab Internal incubation & stakeholder alignment. Tilo is also the founder of Cocktail-fiets UG and this entrepreneur also spend two semesters in Twente. During the Startup Talk, Tilo will tell you how he manages the DHL Start-Up Lab and in what way his experience as an entrepreneur helped him to coach other startups. Make sure to sign up for this digital session from Incubase!

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