Startup Talk with Shahram Sharif founder of Lindacare

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Startup Talk with Shahram Sharif founder of Lindacare
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Online - Livestream from Incubase
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Thursday 10 December UT- alumnus Shahram Sharif, CEO, and founder at Lindacare, is the guest of our startup talk. Sharif is a tech-entrepreneur passionate about technology, health & well-being, and entrepreneurship. His mission: help people and organizations with improving their health&well-being, by creating innovative ventures and products. His purpose: “doing well by doing good.”

LindaCare provides software solutions and tech-enabled healthcare services to physicians and hospitals for remote patient monitoring of chronic diseases. The goal of Lindacare? To create a suite of remote chronic disease monitoring solutions, not just cardiovascular disease.  The company wants to provide each physician with a solution that allows them to interact with the data in a way where they allow them to focus on patient care, not their data. Sharif will share his startup story and there is room to ask questions.

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