Startup Talk with Giuseppe van der Helm

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Startup Talk with Giuseppe van der Helm
1:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Online - Livestream from Incubase
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UT-alumnus Giuseppe van der Helm has over 14 years of experience in sustainability, both with companies (CSR), investors (ESG, impact investment), and civil society. He studied chemical engineering and business administration at the University of Twente. He also has a background in B2B marketing and general management. Giuseppe worked in the automotive industry for 17 years before moving into the world of sustainability. For 9 years he was director of the Dutch Sustainable Investment Forum and he was also chairman of Eurosif. He is currently working at ‘Learning for tomorrow’, an organization that, together with 120 other institutions, helps students prepare for the challenges of a sustainable future.  Also, Giuseppe is one of the founders of the student associations Cheiron – which later became Audentis.  Moreover, Giuseppe made it possible with his club mates to get Audenthis in ‘de pakkerij’.

Why did Giuseppe switch to sustainability and charities? How does he look back on his past? And what are the challenges of tomorrow in his field? Find out in the Startup Talk.

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