Startup Talk - Sid Sijbrandij

Startup Talk Sid Sijbrandij
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Online - Livestream from Incubase
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This academic year we open with a Startup Talk by UT-alumni and CEO of the billion-dollar business GitLab: Sid Sijbrandij. 

Gitlab is originally a Dutch software company. In 2012 Sytse Sijbrandij started the company as a co-founder. The open-source platform makes it possible for developers to work together on software. You can see it as an advanced version of Google Docs, especially for software. Members can use either the paid or free version. Gitlab has over 1000 employees worldwide! These employees work remotely, and they already did so before the corona pandemic. What is the success of this company? And how does Sijbrandij makes sure that all employees feel connected to Gitlab? September 22nd you will find out! Also, there is time for questions so please ask them! Make sure you’ll be there.


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