START Bootcamp

Build your innovative startup!

START Bootcamp
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Incubase, De Hems 10
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Novel-T START Bootcamp

Innovative idea? Need motivation to start your startup? Then our START Bootcamp is something for you! The START Bootcamp gives you all the basic insights of building an innovative idea into a business. We open up some of the knowledge, resources and tools that were used to build already over 2000 startups and spin-offs, to help and inspire you to become an entrepreneur or to build an innovative business. In 4 hours, you learn everything from experts around the important elements such as business modelling, legal, finances and pitching.

The START Bootcamp takes place on the 8th of February in the new incubator of the University of Twente: Incubase


START Bootcamp

Peter Langela

Business Developer @ Novel-T
START Bootcamp

Mike Verkouter

Startup Ambassador @ Novel-T
START Bootcamp

Julian Sotscheck

Junior Business Developer @ Novel-T


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