Novel-T | Incubase Startup Talk: Kees Koolen

Novel-T | Incubase Startup Talk: Kees Koolen
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
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Novel-T | Incubase Startup Talk: Kees Koolen



For this session we are joined by former UT student, serial entrepreneur and former CEO of Kees Koolen. Besides the widely known success story of, Kees is a proven expert in various business sectors and full of insights and expertise! He supported the global launch of, and was an early investor in, Uber and is currently active in the clean energy sector with Koolen Industries while being involved in various projects as investor and mentor. In current times his insights are under high demand, as Kees has guided his companies through several national and global crises before and can now pass on such valuable knowledge to others!

In this session he’ll take the time to pass on not only his stories but will share his insights and learnings. You’ll learn more about building and leading companies and on how to manage difficult challenges such as the current crisis.


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