POSTPONED: Masterclass 'Setting up business in the US'

POSTPONED: Masterclass ‘Setting up business in the US’
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Incubase, De Hems 10, Enschede
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Due to all the precautions that are taken for the Corona virus, we’ve decided that we postpone this event. We’ll keep you updated about a new date.

Is your company planning to become active in the US? Taking this step is a challenging procedure. That is why together with Rabobank, Novel-T is organizing a masterclass to help you tackle this challenge!

Masterclass – Setting up business in the US

Do you ask yourself these questions:

– What do you have to do as a Dutch company to become successful in the US?
– What are the lessons learned of entrepreneurs who are already active in the US.
– What should know before hiring local staff or sending your Dutch staff to the US?
– How does it work with corporate and sales taxes?
– What are the pro’s and cons for export to the US vs. setting up a subsidiary?

If you want to get a head start answering these questions, this masterclass is for you! During this masterclass, Jacob Willemsen from TABS will draw on years of experience in helping businesses successfully enter the US market to give you answers to all these questions! Next to that, we will have companies present that made the decision to expand to the US and can tell you from first-hand experience about opportunities and challenges, as well as do’s and don’ts.

About Tabs

TABS provides the assistance and guidance needed to successfully enter and navigate the US market. As a trusted and proven partner to hundreds of businesses, their international team draws on decades of knowledge and first-hand experience in establishing businesses from every sector in the US and helps to position them for success.

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