ADVANCED Startup nights – Enhanced validation by Rens Dommerholt
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ADVANCED Startup nights – Enhanced validation by Rens Dommerholt

Enhanced validation theme night by Rens Dommerholt

Event past
19-04-2022 / 19-04-2022
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

 Get ready to take your startup to the next level with our theme nights for ADVANCED startups. Novel-T’s experts and business developers offer you the opportunity to join our one-hour informative talks on a specific topic. This week it’s Rens Dommerholt of the Novel-T team giving you insights in how to improve your validation efforts 🚀!


Validation is something you should be doing on a continuous basis. Hopefully, you’ve found your problem solution fit, but then there’s to be validated. What about the channels how you approach a bigger market? How about the messages you sent and how you communicate? How can you validate your business model and how can you validate logical metrics? These questions and more will be discussed during Enhanced Validation Night: and we’re going in deep 😎. Next Tuesday, April 19th, Rens Dommerholt will be at his usual habit, the pitch area in Incubase, to share theories and insights on the next steps in validation!


Register via the LinkedIn event and be sure to attend Enhanced Validation Theme Night by Novel-T on April 19, 2022 @ Incubase LIVE. Are you not active in the ADVANCED Program or the Incubase community, but you still want to join? Contact Rens Dommerholt.

Important notice: this is a physical event taking place in Incubase with no possibility to join in digitally.

Incubase, De Hems, Enschede, Nederland


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